“The Two Trotskyisms Confront Stalinism”: The Fate of the Russian Revolution, volume 2

The Fate of the Russian Revolution Volume 2. The two Trotskyisms confront Stalinism was published in September 2015.

For the revolutionary socialists, the Trotskyists, it has been a very long march through the 20th century and beyond, and over sometimes uncharted, unexpected, terrain. Central to it has been the fight against Stalinism, the attempt to understand it, the battle to wipe the labour movement clean of it. The Fate volume 2 surveys and documents for the first time the formative debates in the 1940s between the two main strands into which Trotskyism divided. Published September 2015: 790 pages.

The Fate of the Russian Revolution Volume 1 was published in 1998. Volume 3 is currently being prepared.

Up to 31 October 2015, you can order volume 2 post free, get multiple copies at reduced prices, or buy volumes 1 and 2 cheap as a combined deal. See rates below.

Click here to buy online.


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