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Orthodox Trotskyism reshaped Trotsky’s ideas

By Ed Maltby Paul Le Blanc’s review of The Two Trotskyisms Confront Stalinism: Fate of the Russian Revolution volume 2 (Solidarity388) is a thoughtful and detailed piece. Le Blanc defends The Two Trotskyisms against some on the left who deride the book as pointless obsessing over long-ago spats. He is right to do it: such […]

This book is really about now

Ed Strauss* reviews The Two Trotskyisms Confront Stalinism The book is an amazing textbook. As a young student in the 1950s, I was reading some of the documents which are in the collection, I was coming in at the tail-end of some of these debates; but we had nothing like this. We could read a […]

Paul le Blanc reviews The two Trotskyisms

With the publication of two fat volumes of documents under the heading “The Fate of the Russian Revolution,” under the editorship of Sean Matgamna, the Workers’ Liberty current in Britain has performed a genuine service for scholars and activists. Something of Value In a sense, we are presented with three books in the guise of […]

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Study guide for The Two Trotskyisms now available

A study guide for The Two Trotskyisms confront Stalinism is now available. Reading groups will be happening in North London, Central London, South London, Sheffield, Leeds, Brighton and other places. Details will be uploaded to the calendar as we know them. Please ring 07784641808 for more details. Download the study guide here —

Contents of “The two Trotskyisms confront Stalinism: the fate of the Russian Revolution, volume 2”

The book contains a substantial introduction, 12 chapters of debates and confrontations over the big issues of the 1940s, a chapter on the working class and socialism, and seven classic essays.

Introduction to “The Fate of the Russian Revolution, volume 1”

The introduction to “The Fate of the Russian Revolution, volume 1” (published in 1998) sets the perspective and the framework for the documentation in “The Fate”, volume 2, of how two distinct strands of Trotskyism developed through responses to the survival and expansion of Stalinism in the 1940s.